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Excessive use of antibiotics has made allergic reactions owing to the use of these drugs more and more widespread. Earlier, only five per cent to 10 per cent of people using antibiotics, especially penicillin, suffered from allergic reactions. As an increasing number of people are being exposed to antibiotics these days frequently, the number of people developing allergic reactions is also increasing. Allergic reactions caused by misuse and overuse may vary from skin rash to edema (accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces of the tissues causing tissue swelling) to anaphylactic (acute sensitivity to a substance anaphylaxis) reactions, such as bronchospasm (constraint of the air passages) as well as shock. Such reactions are not confined to using antibiotics belonging to the penicillin group alone. In addition, such allergic reactions may also take place owing to the use of tetracyclines and cephalosporins. is aleve an antibiotic Imipenem/MK-7655: Carbapenem/ ОІ-lactamase inhibitor combination (cell wall synthesis inhibitor). In phase 2. Rebetol (Generic)

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